Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 45 - Bricks cleaned, but not much else

As I was saying earlier I sent a text on Monday morning to my SS asking about the progress as last week (Week 44) there was basically no works done.

He rang me back within half an hour and told me what the plan was for this week - Good communication! Credit to the SS!

That said not much else was done physically. The bricks were cleaned, as promised, on Monday but that was very much what was done this week.

No sign of Gyprocks starting so that's probably for next week! Before long everyone will move into holiday mood so fingers crossed something more will be done before that!




By the way finally figured out the difference between gutter & eaves.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Allworth Harmony - Not a bad design indeed!

Week 44 - No work done

I think the builder is waiting for sub contractors to finish electrical wirings before they can put Gyprock.

It looks like there is absolutely nothing done this week!

UPDATE Monday 29 Nov:

I texted my SS this morning just to ask him what the schedule might be since I haven't seen any progress for last week!

He rang me back within half an hour and told me that:

  • the bricks will be cleaned today;
  • the eaves will be installed afterwards;
  • then electrical wirings will be completed (some of them already done)
  • and then Gyprocks will start

Sounds very good and the fact that the SS responded so quickly is even more appreciated!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Week 43 - Bricks done

Bricks done

Front of the house

LHS of the House

RHS of the house

Back of the House

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Too Much Rain

We are only half way through November (today is 16th) and the rainfall this month (100 mm) has already exceeded long term November monthly average (85.9 mm).

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 42 - Bricking started, but not a lot progress

Brick-ing has started but not much progress so far.

Only the front of the house was done and the weather was getting hot recently - 36 degree by 11am this morning! This would slow down the progress too I think!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 41 - New SS, and brick delivery?

I am guessing Jennings may be reading my blogs ...

A few house after I posted previous blog, I got a call from Mark at about 10 and apparently he's my new site supervior. I was told because there are too many houses being built at the moment my previous SS Brian couldn't handle them all so Mark is taking some of the houses over from Brain.

So after a bit of small chats with Mark he told me the bricks will be delivered today and he expects bricking to start around Tuesday next week! Sounds pretty good doesn't it?

Maybe I'll have a few photos of the bricks (if they do get delivered) by Saturday?

UPDATE on 6 Nov: So bricks have indeed been delivered ... we'll just use neighbour's land for now as storage ... thank you neighbour!

UPDATE on 7 Nov: Counted the bricks today (well nothing else to do anyway ...) there are about 6,500 ~ 7,000 bricks delivered!

Week 41 - Absolutely the same ...

Couldn't resist the temptation last night so went to site and have a look .. even at 8pm I could still see there was no new work done this week. Everything was the same as last week! The bricks had not been delivered too!

Maybe the rain has really taken its toll or maybe last week had too much progress so they are a bit slack this week?

Hope it gets better next week!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The forecast is ... rain rain rain ...

It looks like this weeks progress may not be too promising .. the forecast basically says it'll rain all week!

But then there will be two clear weeks after that and hopefully the builder will get bricks done by then. The rest of the building process will be less subject to weather then!